HER 001

Herculan Marine EcoTeak®

Nothing beats the best! But the new Herculan Marine EcoTeak® is second to none!

Appearance like mother nature slowly made teak with all its warm colors, aesthetic. Elegance and style are synonyms for it. Proven safe, in means of Solas and IMO regulations, non-skid and easy to maintain. During its life cycle it will keep its functions at a minimum cost. If damaged, it’s easy to repair without difference in color or other properties. Herculan Marine EcoTeak® can be installed, pre-fabricated or in-situ, as a seamless system. Herculan Marine EcoTeak® is fully bonded in your substructure, whether is aluminum, steel GRP or mineral base. because of its built-in flexibility it will fit everywhere, even in Tropical or Arctic environments! Eco-friendly, based on renewable solvent-free resins. After many years of use the Herculan Marine EcoTeak® can be refreshed easily. At the end of its life cycle Herculan Marine EcoTeak® can be recycled to be used in new products.