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Herculan Marine EcoTeak®

Nothing beats the best! But the new Herculan Marine EcoTeak® is second to none!

Appearance like mother nature slowly made teak with all its warm colors, aesthetic. Elegance and style are synonyms for it. Proven safe, in means of Solas and IMO regulations, non-skid and easy to maintain. During its life cycle it will keep its functions at a minimum cost. If damaged, it’s easy to repair without difference in color or other properties. Herculan Marine EcoTeak® can be installed, pre-fabricated or in-situ, as a seamless system. Herculan Marine EcoTeak® is fully bonded in your substructure, whether is aluminum, steel GRP or mineral base. because of its built-in flexibility it will fit everywhere, even in Tropical or Arctic environments! Eco-friendly, based on renewable solvent-free resins. After many years of use the Herculan Marine EcoTeak® can be refreshed easily. At the end of its life cycle Herculan Marine EcoTeak® can be recycled to be used in new products.

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Herculan Marine Navy Deck System

Those who protect us are equipped with the best! Herculan is proud to manufacture the best ship-deck systems!

Most of the International Navy’s, NATO, Coastguards, Police, customs and safety vessels use the Herculan Marine Navy Deck Systems on their fleet. Extremely safe and weather proof, strong and durable, in various colors, even equipped with electrical deck heating; it has it all! Pilots from all over the world, whether they land on an air craft carrier or on a helicopter platform, they are at ease even before they touch down! With Herculan Marine Navy Deck Systems you always feel safe!

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Herculan Marine Duty Deck

As the name reveals, this system can handle the heaviest loads and impacts. Provides the best non-skid properties to be absolutely safe! Herculan Marine Duty Deck can be used for RoRo ramps, helidecks, offshore platforms and of course on all the Navy vessels worldwide. Having the US Coast Guard and NATO approval means that Herculan Marine Duty Deck is the best choice. Made of the most durable high-end Polyurethanes it has low flame spread characteristics and is tested for non-toxic fumes. Herculan Marine Duty Deck comes in three non-skid grades, fine, medium and coarse, all depending on the end users demands and is available in different (safety) colors. Herculan Marine Duty Deck is solvent free and highly Eco-friendly.

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Herculan Marine Deco Deck

Amazing aesthetics, excellent performance, high durability. Give your surface an individual touch. With the Herculan Marine Deco Deck covering you get a flexible surface with an excellent sound and shock absorbance. Herculan Marine Deco Decks are low maintenance decks with an excellent appearance in public spaces and on outside decks.

Available in colors and appearances that fit your designs, with a smooth or safe non-skid surface. Either directly applied on primed steel, aluminum,GRP, mineral surfaces or on our leveling systems like Herculan RC Screed IMO F, Herculan PC 0760 IMO or Herculan PC 1300 IMO F , you will get a system which fits your needs.

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