Initials Of A Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is a balanced lifestyle; people make shrewd decisions in their habitual life to make themselves healthy, life is striking when you are healthy. You feel fresh and active every time.

How to grow to be a healthy person?

  • Intake of a balanced diet (from fruits and vegetables to pulses and milk, everything is to be incorporated with a balance.)
  • Exercising
  • Having a positive attitude and
  • A positive self image


Gift of god

Water is the gift of god, it makes more than half of our body, and it carries out principal functions of our human body it removes wastes and carries nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. We lose water when we breathe or urinate and to maintain a healthy lifestyle we need to replenish it by drinking 2litres–3litres of water or 9glasses- 10glasses of water every day.

 Organic food

Organic food is the food which is obtained using no chemical pesticides and fertilizers and no chemicals are used to process it. It is the best option to switch for and it is currently in the trend. People prefer organic food more than the chemical ones.


Daily exercise increases the life span of a human being; it lowers the risk of diseases and helps in losing weight.

Initials Of A Healthy Lifestyle


Processed food a big NO NO

Processed foods are preserved with preservatives and exorbitant amount of salts and chemicals which are not hale and hearty. And it also deteriorates the nutrition value of the food, which does more harm than good to our body.

Avoiding trigger foods

Everyone has food that triggers them and they get addicted to it and can’t stop eating them, trigger foods are usually the food with high amount of salts, sugar and refined flour in it examples are doughnuts, chips, pastries etc. identifying their trigger food and cutting them off is the best option one can do.

Cutting down the junk

Acrylamide a chemical found in deep fried junk food which is the reason behind many types of cancer. A person can switch to healthier options like grilling, steaming, stir-frying, etc.

Our body protects us as a shell. It is our duty to protect it, if we abuse it thoroughly it will were off quickly. A healthy human can conquer the world if a person includes all the healthy options and excludes the bad ones; he has enough power to do anything and everything he wants.